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The Face

An exploration in steel of the face that haunts my mind. This face is the personification of the energy that flows through all things, connecting them to a single whole. I use this face to help me understand and deepen my relationship to the natural world. 

Steel and Air plants, 5ftx3ft, 2019

Now part of the private collection of RSD Firm in Boston MA USA

Home for Plants .png

A Home For Plants 

A collaboration with ceramicist Magda Petmeza. This piece was created to offer a beautiful and loving home for indoor plants. It seeks to show respect, admiration and a sense of awe to the plant that bring us so much joy. 

Steel, Ceramics, Plant Material, 3ftx2ftx1ft, 2018

Now on view at RSM Art Gallery

Home for Plants detail (2).png

From my Collection

As I move through life, bits and pieces of the world cry out to me to be examined and appreciated. These pieces of life, both from nature and manmade, ground me and allow me to connect deeply with my surrounding. I have developed a tender yet expansive relationship with my collection of objects. This installation is a celebration of each small treasure and their interactions together and with those that enter the space to engage with them. This is a celebration of memories and relationships and of the wonders of this world. 

The drawing within the assortment of objects visits The Face, a theme in my work that explores a personification of nature.

Colored Pencil, Collected Items, Steel, 6ftx3ftx2ft


On View at SMFA Boston, 230 Fenway MA

Dec 2020-Jan2021

From My Collection, A Fateful Separation

Objects from my collection permanently frozen in resin. This toxic substance has separated these objects from nature, likely  never to return. As I live with these objects and this artistic choice, I struggle to grapple with the human-nature relationship. I find hope in humanities ability to alter the landscape dramatically, for although we can inflict great harm, so too can we achieve great advances towards a mutual and productive relationship with the natural world around us. 

Marble and Steel

A collaboration with marble carver Sarah Rosenthal. This public installation was part of an initiative in Willits Basalt CO to add beauty and life to concrete barriers that were installed as a safety measure against COVID19 at outdoor dining locations in the town. 

Marble and Steel, 5 barriers (each 4ftx2ft), 2020

On display infront of Ocean Restaurant in Willits Basalt CO 

summer 2020

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